Friday, May 6, 2011

Not content to rely only based on size 7-inch tablet, Research in Motion (RIM) is reportedly working on a BlackBerry Playbook tablet that much greater.
The company is rumored to be developing 10-inch version, as a complement 7-inch model that has already begun sold last month.
Although during this Playbook is still not really resonate, because of the sales are not too good and a handful of positive reviews, although there is also a large amount of criticism of the lack of proprietary applications and devices from over-dependence on the need to connect to the Blackberry.
However, it's one of RIM's best efforts so far to try to re-strengthen the brand in the world of Blackberry domination Android and iPhone. So that was reported by TG Daily, Friday (6/5/2011).

IPhone Will Not Be There 5 in June

Within two months the iPhone Apple is rumored to be launching 5. But the issue seems to be a rumor only.
MacRumors says it has received word from AT & T that there is no plan from Apple to release iPhone in June or 5 in Julis.
"Apple has told us that they are not planning to release the iPhone in the time frame of June to July, although there will be a newer version in the future. Unfortunately, we were not given release time for thea new mobile phone . Wewill release this information at our website if available to us, "said a source at AT & T, which was reported by TG Daily, Friday (5/6/2011).
Previously, a technology site Engadget editor, Joshua Topolsky, showing prototypes iPhone 5 based on information from various sources.

What Reasons to Use a Tablet?

Tablet PC is no longer a new item for the gadget enthusiast. But what exactly is the reason someone buys a device that was rising this?
Nielsen research company trying to find out the reason behind the purchase of tablets among the population of the United States. As a result, factor mobility or ease to carry around just be the reason most widely expressed of the respondents (31 percent). Such as disitat Yahoo News, Friday (5/6/2011).
Interface (interface) and the operating system that is easy to be the second most popular reason (21 percent), followed by the start-up / off a fast (15 percent) and convenience of use and size (12 percent).
Meanwhile, other reasons include: easy to use at various locations (12 percent), fast (11 percent), is superior in features such as calendar devices, applications and so forth (10 percent), and light weight (7 percent).

Sony Ericsson introduces the latest addition in the Xperia family, namely Xperia Xperia Mini and Mini Pro is trying to follow in the footsteps of success the previous mini-series.
Both smartphones feature complete enough for the smartphone features a compact size, reinforced by a 1 GHz processor and Qualcomm's Snapdragon platform running the latest version of Android 2.3, aka the Gingerbread. Like the Arc and the Xperia Xperia Neo introduced prior to this, both Xperia Xperia Mini and Mini Pro Reality Display technology carries with Mobile BRAVIA Engine.
Have a glass multi-touch screen scratch resistant 3-inch width, Xperia Xperia Mini and Mini Pro provides access to more than 150,000 applications in the Android Market. Views advance (user interface) which has been improved allowing the phone to display up to 16 applications on the homepage.

iPad three stretcher 3D technology?

Speculation presence iPad three increasingly intense sound. Latest news mentioning if the third generation of Apple's tablet will carry three-dimensional technology that can support 3D content to the fullest. That triggered Ubergizmo site on Friday (06/05/2011). However, there has been no confirmation of anything related to this latest speculation. In addition, analysts and tech journalists are still wondering if this 3D feature requires the user to wear special glasses. According to one speaker from Hollywood, some major movie studios in Hollywood was anticipated attendance iPad 3 with prepare 3D content to be embedded in the device if it will be released next year. What makes this rumor worthy follow is related to Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers, Foxconn, who had leaked the plan of the Apple display 3D technology for third generation tablet. Given Nintendo also has a three-dimensional display technology through 3DS, Apple brought the discourse naturally somewhat similar technology fair.
Blackberry Playbook with RAM 1 GB Memory
playbook BB 2011
playbook BB 2011

blackberry onyx 9700

blackberry onyx 9700
BlackBerry Onyx (Bold 970o)

With so many existing and upcoming BlackBerry device models that look similar (yet different), it’s becoming a bit confusing to differentiate at a glance between models. We have an upcoming article with our theory behind RIM’s multiple device strategy, but in the meantime the big thing to note about Onyx is that’s unassuming and slick form factor packs a ton of punch: